Super Visa

What is a Super visa?

Super visa for Family

The Super visa is a travel document that facilitates temporary entry for parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents. The initiative was launched in 2011 to allow extended visits for families of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The move was prompted by Canada’s increasing reliance on immigration and the need to cater to the intrinsic needs of newcomers. 

Updates on Canada’s Super visa insurance

Super Visa Insurance

Super visa insurance is necessary as most visitors, including parents and grandparents, are not covered by Canadian Medicare. Super visa insurance allows them to access Canadian healthcare facilities and medical services during their stay. 

Super Visa Income Requirements

A Canadian resident’s Income must fall within the IRCC’s Low-income cut-off to obtain a Super visa for their foreign parents or grandparents. 

Invitation Letter for a Super Visa

The invitation letter is a mandatory component of any Super visa application. It is written by the Canadian host (child or grandchild) and must be used by the invitee when submitting their application. 

Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payments

Super visa Insurance policies must cover healthcare, hospitalization and repatriation, along with other emergencies. Depending on your selection, they may include some of the following in any combination. 

Finding a Cheap super visa insurance

While price is an important consideration in a Super visa insurance policy, it is not all. Finding the ideal policy is about understanding your current needs and adjusting for the future. 

Super visa extension 

Visitors who want to extend their stay in Canada must apply for a visitor record. This document gives the applicant the status of a visitor in Canada along with an extended expiry date. It is recommended to apply at least 30 days before the expiry of the current status. 

Manulife super visa insurance

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