Study Permit

Success rates for Canadian study permit applications

Success rates for Canadian study permit applications

Getting accepted to a Canadian institution is just the beginning for international students with dreams of studying in Canada. For many, this opportunity hinges on the success of their study permit application which authorizes them to join a designated institution in Canada.

Applying for a Study permit extension

Apply for a Study permit extension

Students with expiring study permits must apply for an extension to continue studying in Canada. Permit holders are legally obliged to leave Canada upon the expiration of their study permit. The IRCC grants an additional 90 days after the expiry of a study permit to give students enough time to leave Canada or extend their stay.

How to get a Canadian study permit

How to Get Canadian Study Permit

Canada attracts thousands of students annually with its highly regarded educational system and institutions.  A report titled  International students as a source of labour supply placed the number of first-time study permit holders in 2019 at 250,020.  

What to do if your Study permit is refused ?

What to do if your Study permit is refused

Canada processes thousands of Study Permit applications each year from students looking to enrol in the country’s top institutions. If your application for a Canadian Study permit is refused, the office will send you a letter explaining the reasons for the rejection.

All about Canada’s SX-1 Visa

Canada SX-1 Visa

Educational courses and programs that can be completed within six months or less are known as short-term courses. The IRCC typically allows foreigners to attend short-term courses without a study permit. In such cases, the applicant only needs an SX-1 visitor visa

Students Accommodation

One of the stressful elements for international students studying in Canada is figuring out where to live. The good news is that Canadian educational institutions offer high-quality services to assist prospective students with finding accommodations.

Student HealthCare Insurance

In Canada, international students are generally required to have health insurance while studying in the country. Each province and territory has their own health insurance plan, so it’s important to check the specific requirements for the area you will be studying in.