What is the Global Talent stream?

The Global Talent stream is part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker program that allows employers to hire highly skilled foreign workers in the absence of Canadians qualified for the same position. It is mainly intended for the hiring of highly specialized and uniquely skilled workers who will help unlock the potential of innovative Canadian firms. 

The Global Talent stream is divided into two categories, Category A for nominated employers looking for unique and specialized positions and Category B for employers looking to fill positions included in the Global Talent Occupation List. 

Is your employer eligible under Category A of the Global Talent Stream? 

A Canadian employer must be referred by one of the Global Talent Stream’s Designated Partners to apply under this category. The Canadian employer must also: 

  • Operate in Canada 
  • Focus on innovation 
  • Be capable of scaling up 
  • Be seeking to fill a unique and specialized position 

What is a Unique and Specialized position for the Global Talent Stream? 

A Unique and Specialized position: 

  • Has at least an $80,000 annual base salary 
  • Requires advanced knowledge of the industry 
  • Requires an advanced degree in the area of specialization 
  • Requires a minimum of 5 years of experience 

Is your employer eligible under Category B of the Global Talent Stream? 

A Canadian employer is eligible for Category B if they are looking to fill an in-demand occupation in the Global Talent Occupation List. In such cases, the employer does not need a referral from a designated partner. 

What occupations are eligible under the Global Talent Stream in 2023? 

Below is the Global Talent Occupation list for Category B of the Global Talent Stream, along with their new 2021 NOC codes: 

NOC 2021 code  Occupation 
20012  Computer and information systems managers 
21300  Civil engineers 
21310  Electrical and electronics engineers 
21330  Mining engineers 
21390  Aerospace engineers 
21311  Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) 
Sub-set of 21210*  Mathematicians and statisticians 
Information systems analysts 
Database analysts 
Software engineers and designers 
Computer programmers and interactive media developers 
Web designers and developers 
22310  Electrical and electronics engineering technologists 
22220  Computer network technicians 
22222  Information systems testing technicians 
Sub-set of 51120**  Producer, technical, creative and artistic director and project manager- Visual effects and video game 
Sub-set of 52120***  Digital media designers 

How can your employer apply for the Global Talent stream? 

When applying under Category A, the employer will have to provide the contact information of the Global Talent designated partner. 

Employers under both Categories will then have to provide the following: 

  • Business Information 
  • Their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business Number 
  • The legal name of their Business 
  • Street address of the Business 
  • Mailing Business 
  • Website address 
  • Establishment date of the Business 
  • Type and structure of the Business 
  • Number of employees 
  • Annual gross revenue 
  • Work-sharing support 
  • Employer Contact Information 
  • Job offer details 
  • Job title 
  • The NOC code 
  • Number of positions to be filled with the Global Talent Stream 
  • Primary duties of the job 
  • Employment start date 
  • Employment duration 
  • Union status 
  • Language requirements 
  • Education requirements 
  • Work experience requirements 
  • Whether Canadian citizens and permanent residents were considered for the job 
  • Whether there were lay-offs for the same position 
  • Compensation and Benefits Wage range 
  • Full-time status 
  • Work hours 
  • Benefits 
  • Vacation 
  • The Work location 
  • A Labour Market Benefits Plan with the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) that shows their commitment to having a positive impact on the Canadian labour market 
  • Information on the Temporary foreign worker 

What is the Labour Market Benefits Plan? 

Canadian employers participating in the Temporary Foreign Worker program and, by extension, the Global Talent Stream are required to have a Labour Market Benefits Plan. The plan should detail how the Canadian economy stands to benefit from the employment of highly-skilled foreign workers. 

Employers recruiting under Category A or B of the Global Talent Stream must provide mandatory benefits as shown: 

  • Referred Employers looking to hire unique and specialized talent under Category A of the Global Talent Stream must commit to creating jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. 
  • Employers looking to fill positions listed in the Global Talent Occupation List (Category B) must commit to increasing the skills and training investments for Canadians. 

Additionally, employers must also commit to two complimentary benefits that can include job creation, investments in skill, training and transferring of knowledge to Canadians, among other benefits. 

The ESDC conducts annual progress reviews to assess your employer’s compliance with the objectives laid out in the Labour Market Benefits Plan. 

What is the processing fee under the Global Talent stream? 

The Canadian employer will have to clear the fee of $1,000 for each position requested under the Global Talent Stream. This amount cannot be paid or recovered from the Temporary Foreign Worker. 

What are the servicing standards of Global Talent stream applications? 

Applications under the Global Talent Stream have a processing standard of ten business days. 

Foreign workers recruited under the Global Talent Stream will have their work permits processed within two weeks by the IRCC. 

Can you immigrate permanently under the Global Talent stream? 

The Global Talent Stream is part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker program allowing employers to recruit highly-skilled talent in innovative sectors. It is a temporary measure, and the employment duration is usually predetermined. However, employees selected under this program can use their Canadian work experience to immigrate under permanent residency pathways like the Canadian Experience class in the future. 

Janggoulal Sitlhou

Janggoulal Sitlhou

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