In-demand jobs in Alberta

Jobs In Alberta

Alberta recorded the second-highest net migration (international and inter-provincial) numbers or difference between the total migration into and out of the province for the fourth quarter of 2022. It was second only to Ontario at 41.21k. The number adds up to 29,680 net international migrants and 11,534 from other Canadian provinces for the same quarter. 

The region has always had a consistent demand for newcomers to fill gaps in its labour market. Many job openings come from the province’s oil and gas industry which generates opportunities for skilled newcomers and Canadians alike. 

The province also boasts other attractive features like tax benefits- with no provincial sales tax and its slightly more accessible housing market. 

Immigration streams to Alberta 

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) has three immigration streams for foreigners: 

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream 
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream 
  • Rural Renewal Stream 

High-demand jobs in Alberta 

The following are some occupations that are forecasted to have high demand over the next three years in Alberta, according to Alberta alis. 

    • Registered nurses NOC 3012 
      • Registered nurses are certified professionals responsible for providing expert patient care along with various public health education programs, research and administration. The profession has an average wage of $ 46.21 per hour. 
    • Truck drivers NOC 7511 
      • Truck drivers are a necessity for a large country like Canada, with over 38,000 km of roads. They are a lifeline for many small communities that live farther away from the population centres. Currently, the average wage of a Truck driver is $28.79 per hour. 
    • Retail store managers NOC 0621 
      • Retail store managers are primarily responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the operations of retail stores. This position is not regulated and includes both employees and the self-employed. The current average wage of a Retail store manager is $39. 
    • Store shelf stockers NOC 6622 
      • Retail shelf stockers unpack, price and stock merchandise in retail stores. It requires some social aptitude and the ability to handle store inventories. The average wage in Alberta is $17.32. 
    • Heavy-duty equipment mechanics NOC 7312 
      • Alberta has a high demand for Agricultural equipment technicians who repair, overhaul and maintain agricultural equipment. The position requires an apprenticeship as a minimum qualification and has an average wage of 38.15. 
    • Shippers and receivers NOC 1521 
      • A Parts Technician falls under this NOC category. They are responsible for ordering, warehousing, inventory control and the sale of these parts. The position has an average wage of $21.55 per hour. 
    • Administrative officers NOC 1221 
      • This occupation includes Indigenous Liaisons who build and maintain relationships between organizations and people of indigenous cultures, newcomers etc. The average wage for this position is $32.61 an hour. 
    • Other customer and information services representatives NOC 6552 
      • This category includes Call Centre agents who respond to questions and resolve customer queries over the phone or via electronic communication. The average wage for this position is $23.37 an hour. 
    • Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics NOC 7311 
      • Alberta’s oil and natural gas industries regularly demand millwrights and industrial mechanics to install, maintain, repair and troubleshoot industrial machinery. The position has an average wage of $42.93. 
    • Restaurant and food service managers NOC 0631 
      • Restaurant and food service managers are an indispensable part of the hospitality sector, responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling kitchens of establishments that serve food and beverages. The average wage for this position is $25.13 per hour. 
    • Hairstylists and barbers NOC 6341 
      • Hairstylists and barbers in Alberta make an average wage of $25.92 an hour. The job requires applicants to have some prior form of apprenticeship and is provincially regulated. 
    • Construction managers NOC 0711 
      • This includes positions like Residential construction site managers and Project Management Professionals who cooperate on constructing various types of buildings. The average wage of both these positions is $50.61. 
    • User Support Technicians NOC 2282 
      • Alberta is predicted to have a high demand for Customer Support Analysts who answer computer-related questions regarding software, hardware and cloud technology. The average wage of this job is $31.57 per hour. 
    • Food service supervisors NOC 6311 
      • This includes Foodservice Supervisors, Food and Nutrition managers and Food and Beverage Service supervisors in formal dining rooms. The average wage for this position is $17.25 an hour. 
    • Public works maintenance equipment operators NOC 7522 
      • Alberta needs Municipal recycling truck drivers and Refuse collectors to collect, sort and transport waste. The average wages are $32.07 and $30.31 an hour, respectively. 


The article should give you an idea of the opportunities available in the Alberta labour market. Prospective immigrants qualified in any of the jobs listed above have a fair advantage as long as they meet the minimum requirements of their immigration streams. 

Janggoulal Sitlhou

Janggoulal Sitlhou

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