Finding the best Canadian city as a new Immigrant 

How do you know if a place is a right fit for you? It depends on what you’re looking for and your priorities. Are you after lucrative job opportunities? Community? A pleasant climate? The Outdoors? Or are you looking for the best place to buy a home in Canada? 

Choosing the right city is an important responsibility as a Newcomer. It can either make or break your Canadian experience.

Which city has the best House prices? 

If you meet all financial requirements and don’t have bad credit, you could start planning for your new home. Look up cities with favourable housing markets. Popular destinations usually have inflated House prices and are unaffordable for most people. 

The Canadian Real Estate Association’s website provides a comprehensive look at the Housing market. Their data can help you decide the ideal place for your Canadian Home. 

The lowest Average Home Price, according to their June 2022 data, were 

  • Saguenay CMA with $267,353 
  • St. John with $294.900 
  • Quebec CMA $325,600 and 
  • Trois Rivieres with $330,431 

Predictably, some of the highest Average Home Prices were seen in 

  • Greater Toronto with an average of $1,157,500 according to the MLS® Home Price Index and 
  • Greater Vancouver with $1,207,300 

Popular Cities in the middle ground were 

  • Montreal CMA with $533,300 
  • Calgary $526,900 and 
  • Halifax-Dartmouth $533,500 

However, House prices should not be your only consideration when choosing the best place to buy a home in Canada.  

Which city has the lowest Rent prices in Canada? 

As a newcomer, chances are you can’t immediately afford a permanent home solution. Finding a place with affordable rent is vital if you intend to save money. Here are some of the cheapest cities to rent a place, according to the Zumper Canadian Rent Report. 

  1. St John’s, NL, with $850 for one bedroom, $940 for two bedrooms 
  2. Regina, SK $ 970 and $1140 
  3. Saskatoon, SK $990 and 1130 
  4. Edmonton, AB $1000 and $1250 
  5. Quebec, QC $1070 and $1350 

As expected, the most expensive place to rent was, 

  1. Vancouver, BC, with $2400 for one bedroom and $3440 for two bedrooms 
  2. Toronto, ON $2000 and $2540 
  3. Victoria, BC $1990 and $2480 
  4. Burnaby, BC $1940 and $2640 
  5. Oshawa, ON $1750 and $2000 

Which Canadian city has the best jobs? 

Job prospects are vital in your choice of city. A good wage will help you avoid bad credit and settle down quicker. 

All cities do not provide the same level of opportunity and pay. Well-paying jobs and opportunities are mainly concentrated around major cities. But be aware that better pay also comes with a higher cost of living. 

According to Statistics Canada, job vacancies climbed to 957,500 in the first quarter of 2022- record figures for the first quarter. The sectors witnessing the most labour demands were Health care with 136,800 job vacancies, Construction with 81,500, accommodation and food services with 133,800, the Manufacturing sector with 87,400 vacancies and the Retail Trade sector with 114,600. 

Provinces that experienced an increase in job vacancies from the fourth quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022 were Newfoundland and Labrador (+12.6% to 8,500), New Brunswick (+8.7% to 16,300), Manitoba (+5.1% to 27,700) and Ontario (+3.1% to 359,000). 

Offered wages are also up 2.5% due to increasing job vacancies and limited workers. 

How do I connect with people like myself? 

Culture shock is a real thing as an Immigrant. Sometimes the best cities to move into are the ones with familiar surroundings. 

Most of Canada’s major cities are multicultural and have a welcoming attitude toward Newcomers. 

According to World Population Review, Toronto (49%) and Vancouver (42.5%) rank among the top five major cities by percentage of foreign-born residents. 

Getting a taste of home is a non-issue in any major Canadian city. 

Who decides where you reside? 

As a Permanent Resident of Canada, you are entitled to the rights mentioned in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It includes “Mobility Rights,”- or the right to reside and work in any Canadian province. You are free to buy a home in any place in Canada if you arrive through the Express Entry route. 

However, arriving through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) can limit your mobility, even after getting a Permanent Resident status. This is because a commitment to reside in the province is implied during the Nomination process. 

In most cases, you decide where you choose to reside. 

What are my Housing options in Canada? 

The Housing market caters to a wide range of buyers and renters. Some of the most common Houses are: 

  • Detached Homes- As its name suggests, this variety is unattached to neighbouring houses. They don’t share walls and are usually priced higher. 
  • Semi-Detached homes- This type shares a common wall on one side but is similar to a Detached unit in all other aspects. 
  • Duplex and Triplex- A singular building with multiple residences which have their entrances. 
  • Townhouse- This type of Housing appears as an unbroken row of buildings. Each House shares walls with neighbouring buildings on both sides. 

The house may also be classified on the mode of occupation. There are Rental apartments that you can rent for a monthly fee. This arrangement is viable if you are short on funds or have bad credit. 

What you need to know about a mortgage 

Get your finances in order before you buy a house in Canada. A good credit score will help you get a mortgage with ease. 

Some essential requirements are Proof of Income, Employment history, Down Payment, and a credit check- based on how long you’ve been in the country. 

Additionally, the Canadian government has a First-Time Buyer Incentive, offering 5-10% of your home’s price as a down payment. This means you’ll have lower monthly mortgage payments. 

Can I still buy a house with bad credit? 

Buying a home is more complicated with a bad credit score. You could look for other options such as a Joint Mortgage- where you share the house and payments with another signee, or save up for a larger down payment. 

Bigger banks will hesitate to offer mortgages if you have bad credit. In such cases borrowing from private lenders is an option. 

Ultimately, the decision is in your hands. The best city to live in Canada is where you’re most comfortable. As a Newcomer, you’ll encounter many friendly people who face similar situations. Talk to them- their experiences and advice are invaluable in determining the right fit for you. Be generous with your knowledge and tips. Share with people and help others find the city of their dreams. 

Janggoulal Sitlhou

Janggoulal Sitlhou

Janggoulal Sitlhou is a content writer with SettleCanada. He is a Political Sciences graduate and a keen follower of international affairs and contemporary history. He has a background in publishing and regularly dabbles in writing and game development projects. Janggoulal currently writes on issues related to Canadian Immigration.